Autumn Essentials Alternative

Autumn Essentials Alternative


500ml of AlvaCleanse, AlvaBarrier and AlvaDazzle

AlvaCleanse is a no rinse wash or shampoo for horses and ponies.

Formulated with Lavender, TeaTree and Grapefruit Essential Oils with the added bonus of Oat Kernel extracts for a smoother skin and coat, this fantastic product helps gently cleanse the coat without the need to rinse.

Perfect for autumn and winter freshen ups, but also for last minute cleaning at shows.

AlvaBarrier combines essential oils with our unique coat conditioner. The formulation helps protect a horse's coat, reducing the problems caused by the mud and rain. Let’s get technical - how does it work?Upon application to the skin, AlvaBarrier forms a protective film on the surface while still allowing the skin to “breathe”. Oxygen, nitrogen, and other nutrients can still pass through the film. However, AlvaBarrier does not allow water to pass through, which is an ideal quality for preventing dry, dehydrated skin.We also added essential oils such as tea tree oil to help ensure skin does not become irritated.This product is a winter favourite, especially if you want to protect feathers.☀☀


AlvaDazzle is a mane, tail and feather conditioner that is not only great for everyday use but it also adds shine for show success.

Made using pure lavender oil, aloe vera and our unique conditioner, this product really works wonders on unruly manes, knotty tails and feathers that need conditioner.