AlvaHorse Care Products


AlvaHorse is one of the UK's leading suppliers of equine aromatherapy products and we now sell products throughout the world. 

 Our products have been available to the equine world since 1995. Formulated initially for the love of his own horse, Phil Bowen carefully created a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to promote visual health benefits in equines in different scenarios. Well known in the world of ‘Welsh Cobs,’ these products offer fantastic results for all equines.


AlvaFly Biting Insect Repellent is a very effective fly and biting insect repellent. It contains eucalyptus oil and a citronella substitute, making an active fly repelling ingredient, mixed with our moisturising lotion. Horses and ponies gain real benefits from AlvaFly protecting them from the dreaded horsefly.

AlvaSweet Itch

The essential oils in AlvaSweet Itch help sooth the itching and reduce suffering caused by midges, gnats and flies. AlvaSweet can be used throughout the year and is especially beneficial before the mild weather arrives and throughout the Summer.
For best results use Alva Tea Tree Medicated Shampoo before applying. In severe cases use AlvaMiracle Cream on rubbed areas.


AlvaBarrier combines essential oils with our unique coat conditioner. The formulation helps protect a horse's coat, reducing the problems caused by the mud and rain. 


AlvaMiracle Horse Cream is a powerful antibacterial cream is specially formulated to help sooth minor open wounds, cuts and sores. It calms insect bites and stings and its natural moisturising properties help to rejuvenate and tone damaged skin.

Alva Lice

Blood sucking lice make horses feel lousy, affect thier condition and in severe cases can cause hair loss. AlvaLice contains essential oils to repel lice and our unique conditioner to improve the horse's coat and condition. 


A combination of essential oils and our moisturising cream, AlvaMassage helps ease joint and muscle ache for both horses and riders.

AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo

AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo is a natural and effective horse shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil. It gently but thoroughly washes the coat and soothes the skin, conditioning as it cleans. Tea Tree Oil has natural antibacterial properties and has been used for centuries for the treatment of cuts and grazes. AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo is also an effective repellent for mites and many other infesting organisms!


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